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Fund Administrator Directory


We have compiled a list of over fifty fund administration firms in Europe, North America, Asia and key offshore markets, with known fund administration expertise.


We recommend fund managers to consider the following factors, prior to engaging with the relevant fund administration firms:

  • Expertise in the relevant fund structure and needs:  Understand if they have expertise in funds with investment strategies similar to yours, whether it is private equity, venture capital, real estate, infrastructure or credit, and have worked with funds similar in size to yours

  • Geographic presence and expertise in jurisdictions where the fund vehicles are domiciled or may have to be domiciled at the request of the investors, and where the investments are being made.  Minimizing the number of service providers involved should help in keep the costs lower, as well.


Other areas of consideration may include:



  • Fatca


  • Compliance and risk management

  • Depositary

  • Cross border distribution

  • Reporting

  • Performance analytics

  • Management company services,

  • Etc.

For Fund Administrators: Please contact us if you would like to add or update your contact details. 

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