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Global Primary Fundraising

Capital raising solutions for alternative investments

A senior-level hands-on execution focusing on global institutional investors, including endowments, foundations, pension funds, consultants, funds-of-funds, financial institutions, sovereign wealth funds, institutional family offices and other asset managers. 

5Capital partners with only a few funds at any one time in order to provide uncompromising commitment to the fundraises.

A typical fundraising advisory assignment consists of the following 6 steps:


01. Analysis 


  • Thorough due diligence of the fund through reviewing the investment strategy and track record and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the team

  • Analyze the key terms and conditions pertaining to the offering

02. Guidance and Preparation


  • Advise on the unique positioning of the strategy and the management team

  • Assist in the preparation of core marketing materials such as the presentation, PPM, and DDQs

  • Detailed preparation for presentations and the development of strong pitching points for the GPs to focus on during investor meetings.

03. Fund Marketing Strategy


  • Develop a tactical fundraising campaign, keeping in mind both the short-term goals and long-term strategy

  • Close existing LPs and engage with potential anchor and cornerstone investors 

  • Develop a broader marketing plan for managing the fundraising process taking into consideration:

  • Market conditions

  • Competitive landscape

  • GP specific issues

04. Pre-Marketing

  • Agree with the GP on the timeline for the roadshows

  • Create a selective list of potential investors in each of the targeted geographies and segments

  • Contact investors to introduce investment strategy

  • Qualifying potential investors, schedule introductory meetings/calls for the purpose of presenting the team and their opportunity

05. Active Marketing


  • Improve the fund offering based on the feedback received during the pre-marketing meetings

  • Structure preferred terms for the first close investors

  • Organize targeted meetings for the broader group of potential LPs

  • Coordinate communication between the GP and prospective LPs and facilitate the initial due diligence process

  • Systematic reporting to GP on a bi-weekly/monthly basis

  • Reach first close

06. Follow-ups and Closing


  • Attend site visits alongside our relationships

  • Keep in contact with the investors, updating them with the latest developments in the fund

  • Assist in the due diligence, negotiations and  coordination of the process for the final close

  • Provide various post-closing services to the GP


Top-Off Fundraises


5Capital is also able to partner with experienced GPs and other placement agents to help complete a successful fundraise.   

A top-off fundraising assignment could include:

  • Fundraising in a specific geography 

  • Targeting a specific class of institutional investors

  • Capital introductions to a limited number of LPs

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