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Fund Finance ​


Debt capital markets services for alternative investment funds

Fund Finance is a relatively new practice area within most major commercial banks and encompasses lending to all private equity classes.

Most commonly, banks and other lenders provide financing to the funds, but may also lend to the GPs.  These credit facilities are uniquely structured versus typical corporate lending and usually rely on the underlying LPs.  In select cases, the credit structures may also be underwritten against the assets and the performance of the actual funds.   

5Capital has long term industry relationships with most banks and lenders in the space.  We literally wrote the book on fund finance. 


We are able to advise across all Fund Finance products, including:


  • Bridge capital, lines of credit /subscription credit facilities

  • Equity commitment and GP credit lines

  • Leverage facilities

  • Engagement with suitable banks/lenders and the best possible terms

A select list of banks that we have relationships with:


  • Union Bank (MUFG)

  • Investec

  • Stifel Bank

  • BMO

  • Square 1 Bank

  • Wells Fargo

  • JP Morgan

  • Citi

  • RBS

  • Lloyds 

  • Barclays

  • First Republic Bank

  • Silicon Valley Bank

  • The Goldman Sachs Group

Fund finance banks and fund finance lawyers are also welcome to contact us to explore opportunities for collaboration.

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