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Best of Private Equity Conferences

While we have attended most private equity, venture capital, credit and real assets conferences and LP-GP events over time, we tend to be highly selective of the conferences that we regularly go to. Amongst the things that we evaluate are the proportion of attendees that are fund managers, investors and service providers. Usually, we like to see ratio of 1/3rd for each of the three groups, which makes any conference not only ideal to network at, but also to learn from.


SuperReturn International

Usually held in February in the happening city of Amsterdam, this is one of the best conferences out there. It is the mother of all LP-GP events and a place to connect and re-connect with one of the best collections of private equity personalities. It should be noted that the event continues to maintain a very strong focus on Buyout strategies.


Held in the month of November in Berlin, our favorite city in Europe, SuperInvestor is our preferred conference. Not too big, not too small, this conference has the right mix of LPs, GPs, and service providers. Its great networking, but at the same time, intimate enough to have a great time.


CFOs and COOs Forum

A more specialized event that happens in the month of January. An ideal place to learn from the best on the key issues facing the finance and operations professionals in the industry.

LPGP Connect Annual Private Debt

The London edition is our favorite and probably the largest of similar conferences (Berlin, New York and Chicago) organized by this group, in New York. It’s a one day show and a great opportunity to meet and hear from personalities in the private credit space.

Global Summit – Infrastructure Investor

Organized by PEI, this is our favorite infrastructure conference. It also happens to be held in our favorite city of Berlin. This is the largest of all infrastructure LP-GP events and you get to hear from and network with over a thousand attendees.

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