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"There’s a Fortune to Be Made in the Obscure Metals Behind Clean Power" - via Bloomberg


Every week, we continue to see a new flurry of industry articles highlighting the the transition to renewable energy. EVs, solar power, wind turbines, batteries, etc. are a key area of focus, but how does our transition out of oil, gas, and coal materialize to produce these products at scale? Bloomberg wrote an article that does an excellent job outlining what is required and the phenomenal market opportunity for Rare Earth Elements and other future critical minerals essential for energy transition. Please follow the button below to view this article.

As we have been seeing, many investors are already on board with this thesis. The big question that comes next is how to best capture this value. Do you buy public equities? Invest in royalties?

As seasoned mining veterans with years of experience, Lionhead Resources has the tools to understand the best process to unlock this value. They have a competitive edge as technical experts beyond finance backgrounds. Their private equity fund platform offers investors the ability to participate in their investment thesis. Their strategy is focused on investing significant minority positions with outsized influence into pre-production assets. Why is that the preferred method? Read their recently published memo, "Extracting Alpha in Metals and Mining Sector Investing," to better understand their approach.

You can view Lionhead Resource's memo via the following link: Lionhead Resources | Extracting Alpha in Metals and Mining Sector Investing, or included below within this post.

Please reach out to Andy Colombe at for more information on Lionhead Resources and their current fund offering.



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